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Welcome to All Star K9 Academy


  • Go for Car Rides
  • Deserve Gifts
  • Are Family
  • Are Loved

We love our dogs, just like you do. We consider them family, give them gifts, and take them for car rides. We love them unconditionally, and the way we choose to train our dogs reflects this.

All Star K9 Academy focuses on relationship building between dogs and their owners. We teach you to work with, understand, and meet the needs of your dog. By offering courses varying from Puppy Kindergarten to Performance Foundations to a variety of specialty classes, we hope to be a lifelong resource for you and your dog.



  • Our trainers focus on building the relationship between you and your dog using positive reinforcement.
  • All of our trainers actively compete in multiple dog sports.
  • We have extensive experience working with foster dogs and rescued dogs.
  • Our trainers want you to succeed. We genuinely care about helping you meet your goals, whether you want to compete or you simply want a well behaved family companion.

Animals can communicate quite well. And they do. And, generally speaking, they are ignored.

Alice Walker

Our priority is building a relationship between you and your dog.

Our focus goes far beyond basic training commands. We teach you how to understand, interact with, and relate to your dog. Our goal is to develop the relationship between you and your canine family members so that training, interacting, and playing with your dog becomes a consistent strand in the thread of your lifelong relationship.

All of our trainers compete in multiple dog sports.

We know what it's like to step into the ring. We've felt the same butterflies you have, and we understand the amount of work that goes into a title. We've experienced the same levels of exhilaration and frustration as you have. Whether you are new to competing, or an experienced competitor addressing holes in your training, we have a specialty class for you. These classes rotate on a regular basis and have a small instructor to student ratio. Is your dog a "velcro dog" in agility? Try our 3D class, which focuses on Distance, Drive, and Directionals. Is heelwork a chore? Sign up for our heelwork games class to put the fun back into heelwork for both you and your dog. Does your dog ignore you when there are other people, toys, or food around? The It's Your Choice class will help your dog discover that you are the best thing in his or her universe.

Your success is our success.

Everyone has different training goals. Some people want a world class agility dog, while others simply want their dog to sit before they open the door. We want to help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be. We aren't just dog trainers - we're also dog owners. We know how amazing it feels when a reactive dog calmly walks by other dogs. We know how exciting it is the first time a timid rescue dogs takes that first step towards you. We know how difficult it is to create drive in a low drive dog, and how hard you have to work to keep a high drive dog out of trouble. No matter how you define success for you and your dog, we will do everything we can to help you achieve your goals.

Building Relationships, Improving Performance, Celebrating Success.