All Star Scholarship Program

All Star K9 Academy would not exist without the support of many, many people within our community. We are very grateful to exist in a community which shows such a strong level of support for small local businesses, and we realize how blessed we are. Our facility is founded upon principles of relationship, which have extended well past the canine-human bond and have helped us create a thriving community of passionate dog trainers.

The All Star Scholarship Program has been established with the hopes of giving back to the community some of the support which has been so kindly provided to us. Scholarships are available to anyone who is experiencing a difficult time in their life, whether it be financially, emotionally, physically, or for any other reason. All scholarship applications will be given the utmost confidentiality, and successful applicants will simply be added to a class roster. No one (including the coaches) will ever know whether another student is attending on a scholarship or as a paying student.

Please note that the scholarships provided are given on the honour system. As with other small local businesses, we face our own financial challenges, but we are committed to ensuring that people who would benefit from working with their dog have the resources to do so. In order to be fair to our other students (who subsidize the scholarships through their class fees and who may miss out on a class due to limited spaces), we request that you are only enrolled in one class per session (the scholarship class), and you apply for no more than two scholarships per year.

To apply, please fill out the form below.

Scholarship Application

Scholarships are available in all classes, although availability may be limited for some.
Please tell us how this scholarship will benefit you and/or your dog, or any other information that we should consider when deciding how to best meet the needs of scholarship applicants.