Fort McMurray

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As I’m writing this, Fort McMurray, Alberta, is being evacuated due to a wildfire. The entire city. Tens of thousands of people. They have left behind their homes, their belongings, and, in some cases, their pets.

I’ve seen a posts on social media from people who have been caught outside the evacuation zone and are unable to retrieve their pets, and it’s heartbreaking. They’re giving addresses, telling people how to get into the house and where their pets can be located, and begging anyone who can to retrieve their pet. You can hear the desperation and fear in the posts; if Facebook posts could express emotion, these ones would be pouring tears.

I look at my three dogs, as they chew contentedly on their bully sticks at my feet, and I imagine what stress, fear, and frustration both the humans and the pets are going through. There’s nothing I can do from where I am right now, but all of the residents of Fort McMurray, along with their pets, are in my thoughts and prayers tonight.

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