Private fitness and conditioning sessions are now available!

Canine Conditioning

Are you trying to prevent injuries while participating in dog sports?
Is your older dog starting to lose strength and endurance?
Is your dog overweight?
Is your dog rebuilding strength after recovering from an injury or illness?
Does your dog lack confidence?
Are you looking for something fun and motivational to do with your dog?

Our Canine Conditioning Classes and Fitness Programs can help you achieve your goals! We offer a range of popular conditioning classes including Intro to Canine Conditioning, Conditioning for Senior Dogs, and Conditioning for Canine Athletes. These classes can be taken either individually or as part of a Fitness Package. All conditioning classes are taught by a Certified Professional Canine Fitness Trainer (CPCFT). For more information about the CPCFT certification, please click here.

Canine Conditioning Classes
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Canine Conditioning Classes

These classes are a great way for you and your dog to learn about canine conditioning! Dogs and their handlers will become comfortable with the equipment in the introductory classes, and in the advanced classes will be challenged with a variety of conditioning activities. Whether your dog is a canine athlete or a couch potato, we have a class that will meet your needs!
Fitness Packages
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Fitness Packages

These packages are designed for students who are looking for increased support and accountability. They are ideal for owners who have a specific fitness or weight loss goal for their dogs, or for dog sport teams who need to build and maintain a high level of athleticism.
Video Support Library
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Video Support Library

Have you recently taken a conditioning seminar? Take advantage of the video supports! These videos will give you some conditioning activities that are specific to your seminar topics and goals. They will be continuously updated with new material, so check back often!

In Our Students' Words...

  • We discovered the Canine Conditioning Program at All Star K9 Academy this winter and it has been a fantastic journey. My nine year old Std Poodle had been showing his age and was struggling to continue with some of the activities he'd traditionally loved, this was compounded by recovery from an unexpected surgery. He's always been a very active dog, and it was heartbreaking to consider leaving him at home when we headed out for a walk or to classes. Tara and her Canine Conditioning classes arrived at the perfect time. We were able to learn exercises that helped him increase his core strength and improve his body awareness. We can do many of these exercises at home with simple equipment that we have around the house. Within the first 6 weeks had he gained weight, increased his flexibility, started to regain muscle in his hind end and was no longer falling when he ran. I continue to see amazing improvement in his muscle tone and mobility, and we have been able to return to the activities we enjoy. I now feel confident that I will be able help him remain active and fit as he enters his golden years. Tara is very knowledgeable and provides a wealth of information in class. She took great care to tailor the exercises to Charley's needs and abilities, while ensuring that we were able to perform them correctly. Her class is highly enjoyable and she has opened my eyes to the importance of including canine conditioning in my training with all my dogs.
    Melissa Gillard
  • Working with my dogs varying in age from 1.5 years to 15.5 years with the Team at All Star K9 Academy has been an absolute dream! We have been fortunate enough to take part in several of Tara’s Canine Conditioning Classes and Seminars and really enjoy and benefit from the tailored approach that she takes to each of the classes as well as to each dog, ranging from Senior Canine Conditioning to Conditioning for Athletic Performance Dogs. Tara brings a high level of expertise and experience to the Conditioning Program, and I have seen my dogs experience greater body awareness, improved structure, increased flexibility, and increased strength. I highly recommend the Canine Conditioning Program to anyone who is looking to improve the current condition of their dog and to prevent injury. It’s a great way to spend some quality one on one time too! Thank you Tara and All Star K9 Academy for helping my dogs to be as healthy as possible!
    Danielle Wilson
  • I began this training time with Ember unsure of what the outcome would be but felt it would be time well invested. I was not disappointed. Ember had begun to slow down a bit which I have found is quite typical of Cairn Terriers when they reach their thirteenth birthday. I was hoping to see Ember able to jump up on the bed more easily and just enjoy life more comfortably. She had begun to rely on me to pick her up in the evenings. I had also noticed that her hind legs crossed a bit when she tired on our walks, which was a definite change because throughout her live she had exhibited really good rear end drive and stamina. I saw early results once we began the flexion/extension and weigh shifting exercises. In her senior years Ember has become ‘grabby’ in taking her treat rewards, which was hard on my fingers , which we had to work on to overcome. But once she began jumping up on the bed more willingly on her own I was really encouraged to be committed to our daily exercises. Ember really enjoyed the pot work whether it was on stable or unstable surfaces with her front legs but needed to be guided more with her hind legs and backing up. It was a real learning curve for me to figure out the mechanics so that she didn’t get frustrated, and how to hold treats rewarding at the most effective times. Tara offered a lot of great tips! As the weeks progressed we could see that she understood what we were asking of her and she didn’t tire as easily. Coming from a home with multiple pets, Ember really looked forward to our special one-on-one time each day. My heart did many ‘happy dances’ when I would see her go to the balance pads or peanuts and ask to work. Words can’t express how pleased I am. This far exceeded any goals I had in mind. I began this program with a girl who acted 13 years old and now Ember acts like she is 10 again! She is much more animated as she engages in day-to-day life with renewed enthusiasm. I see her play bow and invite the other Cairns to play again. I will definitely set aside time to continue these exercises with Ember as well as my other furkids and have recommended to my doggy friends to consider it as well.
    Maureen Pattyson-Talbot
  • The Canine Conditioning course taught by Tara has been instrumental in the recovery of my 5 year old Weimaraner after a series of front leg/shoulder injuries on the agility field. Without this course, I do not believe I could have gotten Sophie strong enough to trial agility again. Tara’s instruction is thorough, informative and easy to understand. She makes sure that both you and your dog are working safely, first and foremost. And second, that you understand the activities and the philosophies behind them. The exercises are hard work both for the handler(s) and the dog, mentally and physically. We found repeating this class 3 times to be very beneficial in Sophie’s continued recovery. She went from basically a skin and bones dog, to a well muscled, very confident girl. The beauty of Canine Conditioning is that you can also do most of the activities at home with just 2 pieces of inexpensive equipment, and what you have around the house. I highly recommend the course to anyone with an active dog, a dog recovering from injury or surgery, or a competitive sport dog. I look forward to continuing Sophie’s conditioning with Tara.
    Cassandra Elvish