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Our Team

Building Relationships * Improving Performance * Celebrating Success

All Star K9 Academy wouldn't exist without a group of very talented coaches. These coaches come from diverse backgrounds, but they are all equally passionate about working with dogs and helping humans and canines develop a strong relationship.

Agility * Canine Conditioning * Performance Foundations * Trick Dog * Specialty Classes

Tara is the owner and head coach at All Star K9 Academy. She has a strong and varied background in education, coaching, and training dogs. In addition to running All Star, Tara is a full time teacher, teaching math to Grade 8 students. Her research focus is on effectively developing engaged and independent learners, which extends beautifully into dog training as well. Tara's background as a coach includes coaching martial arts and dragonboat racing. Tara fostered rescue dogs for many years, and eventually became the Head Trainer of the Headstart program at the Thunder Bay and District Humane Society. This volunteer position gave her great insight into the importance of developing a relationship and creating value for behaviour. Tara is owned by three dogs, Serendipity (now retired), Starr (a multi-sport superstar) and Wycked (the up-and-comer). She enjoys training and competing in a variety of dog sports, including agility, obedience, rally obedience, trick dog training, and (our newest sport) herding. Tara is an advocate of ongoing professional education, and is a Certified Professional Canine Fitness Trainer. To contact Tara, please email:

K9 Nosework * Rally Obedience * Specialty Classes

Marne is owned by flat-coated retrievers and has been active in training, teaching and trialing in dog sports for several years. She loves learning and tries to attend as many dog related seminars as she can. Marne trains and competes (or plans to compete) in Rally Obedience, Obedience, Agility, Conformation, Hunt Tests, Nosework and Barn Hunt. To contact Marne, please email:

Puppy Kindergarten * Perfect Pet * Performance Foundations I

I’ve been a dog lover my entire life. I can’t remember a time in my life where there wasn’t a dog that was part of our family. That said, I was only first introduced to the world of dog training when I adopted my own dog from the Humane Society in 1999. At that time I had had no experience with dog training at all. I wanted to make sure that my new puppy had the correct training so that she would become a well behaved, happy pet and companion. Luckily for us, we found that there were many great dog trainers in Thunder Bay and we signed up for classes. From day one, I was hooked! Not only did the things we learned in class help me to accomplish my training goals but being involved in the basic obedience classes exposed us to many different dog sports that I had known nothing about. Since then I have trained two dogs (both rescues & both mixed breed) & have been able to compete in and title my dogs in the sports of Rally Obedience, Flyball and & Agility. Having this opportunity to lead some classes at All Star K9 Academy will not only help me to share what I’ve learned over the years, it will help me to keep learning about these awesome creatures that we love to love. To contact Lori, please email:

Performance Foundations * Foundation Skills for Herding

Tanya acquired her first Aussie in 1993 and has raised Australian Shepherds since 2000. Her first love is herding but she has been active in agility, obedience and rally achieving many Advanced and Excellent titles, and on many of her dogs; Versatility and Supreme Versatility titles. Tucker Creek is the first Hall of Fame (HOF) Kennel in Canada and achieved HOF excellent in both Canada and the USA (with the CKC and Australian Shepherd Club of America). It has always been her goal to demonstrate the versatility of her dogs by training dogs in herding, agility, obedience, rally, tracking and conformation. Her Aussies have ranked #1 in Canada for top herding dog for many years consecutively and in the top 10 in the world finals competitions for many years as well. Tanya has experience with many breeds and travels considerably delivering clinics and seminars in North America and Europe. She is a licensed herding trial judge with ASCA, AKC, CKC and the AHBA. To contact Tanya, please email:

Puppy Kindergarten * Perfect Pet 1

Robin began her involvement with dog training nearly three years ago with her dog Alex. It was the focus on relationship building and enjoyment that has drawn Robin to becoming a part of the All Star K9 training team. Alex and Robin train primarily agility, conditioning and tricks. For Robin it is all about ensuring that training is enjoyable experience for both the canine and the human. To contact Robin, please email:

Puppy Kindergarten * Perfect Pet * Performance Foundations I

Alison MacGillivray is a retired teacher who has a degree in psychology focusing on animal behaviour and learning theory. She has been involved in dog training on and off since her teen years when she completed as a junior handler. Currently she trains and competes in agility and is apprenticing with Tara Monahan to become a training coach. Alison also has a passion for animal rescue. She is a regular volunteer at Thunder Bay Animal Services and fosters both dogs and cats for various rescues. Alison is also one of the organizers of the Northern Spay Neuter Program. To contact Alison, please email:

Our Training Room

The All Star K9 Academy training room is bright, clean, welcoming, and designed with safety in mind. We love our GreatMats Dog Agility Mats - they're safer for the dogs and more comfortable for the humans!

Building Relationships, Improving Performance, Celebrating Success