Conditioning for Canine Athletes

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Prerequisite: Intro to Canine Conditioning. Humans must have a good understanding of the physics involved in canine fitness. Dogs must be comfortable on all equipment, and be able to independently target their front and hind end. Dogs must be a minimum of 18 months old and sound.

Mandatory Equipment: Harness and Kennel. For safety reasons, all dogs participating MUST have a harness which can be easily grasped from above by the handler (ie. Ruffwear Webmaster). This is a very specialized class – if you have any questions, please email

Course Cost: $119
Star Trainers: $109

This class is all about being fair to your dog. Competing in agility, herding, lure coursing, and other demanding dog sports is very hard on a dog’s body. When we ask dogs to twist, turn, jump and run we often do it without thought – we assume that our dog is comfortable. Unfortunately, this leads to many unintentional injuries because we are asking dogs to do movements that we haven’t adequately prepared them to do.

In this class the focus is on developing and maintaining core, shoulder, and hind limb strength, increasing proprioception and hind end awareness, and using plyometrics to create explosive, confident movement. Students will also learn how to identify possible physical concerns in dogs, which is a skill every human partner in a dog sports should have.

This class will benefit any dog, but is an essential class for people involved in agility, herding, lure coursing, weight pulling, carting or any other activity which places a high physical demand on dogs.

Additional Information

Start Date:

Monday, February 27th, 8:00

Size of Dog:

Large (Lab, Collie, German Shepherd, Standard Poodle etc.), Medium (Australian Shepherd, Airedale Terrier, Bassett Hound etc.), Small (Sheltie, Beagle, Dachshund etc.)


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