Fit ‘n’ Fun: Conditioning for Senior Dogs

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Mandatory Equipment: Harness and Kennel. For safety reasons, all dogs participating MUST have a harness which can be easily grasped from above by the handler (ie. Ruffwear Webmaster – available at Chaltrek Outdoors). Dogs will require rest breaks, so teams will be partnered and take turns on some of the equipment. The work on the peanut requires 2 people, so for that section of the class one dog will be kenneled while the other is worked, and vice versa. This is a very specialized class – if you have any questions, please email

Course Cost: $119
Star Trainers: $109

Can old dogs learn new tricks? You bet they can!

Senior dogs often face unique conditioning challenges, so this course is designed specifically to meet their needs. Using a variety of specialized conditioning equipment, our goal will be to increase their flexibility, strength, balance, and proprioception so they can enjoy their senior years comfortably. The owners will learn gentle stretches using both active and passive range of motion exercises, as well as a variety of low-impact, gentle exercises designed to improve and maintain mobility.

The bonus of this class is that it allows you to spend valuable one-on-one time with your senior dog. All too often, when dogs are “retired”, dog walks become shorter, and play sessions become limited. This course is just as much about keeping a strong relationship as it is about improving and maintaining the health of your dog.

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Tuesday, February 28th, 6:00


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