Crates, Gates, and Waits

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Prerequisite: None. All dogs over 8 weeks are welcome to participate. Students must bring a collapsible crate to class.

**This class is highly recommended for all Performance Foundations students – it will make your life (and training) much easier!

Course Cost: $99
Star Trainers: $95

This class focuses on impulse control and crate training; invaluable skills for dogs of all ages. Crates can be an invaluable tool when trying to develop both self-control and motivation in a dog. Using a crate, we can teach skills such as stays, release cues, and handling cues. Because the training is game-focused, it’s fun and interactive, so the dogs develop “crate drive” – they are very happy to be in their crates, because it’s associated with positive experiences. This will be useful whenever you need to use a crate, whether you are driving, flying, attending a training class, bringing your dog to a vet appointment, or bringing your dog to a relative’s house.
This class is also extremely useful in developing training skills for the humans – it clarifies how to develop and maintain criteria when training.


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Monday, February 22nd, 8:10


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