JUMP! Conditioning Seminar

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Thunder Bay – Sunday, June 12, 2016 – 9:00 – 5:00

This seminar focuses on exercises that will provide dogs with both the strength and flexibility needed to jump safely and effectively. The exercises provided will strengthen the dog as a whole and promote efficient movement, while focusing on the specific muscle groups that will positively impact your dog’s jumping skills and overall performance and reduce the chance of injury.

As part of the seminar, participants will design a training program for their dog that will allow them to integrate the new skills they learn in the seminar into their regular training program.

This seminar will challenge you and your dog mentally and physically. All dogs taking working spots must be at least one year old. Participants are strongly encouraged to bring note-taking materials (laptop/tablet/notebook). Presentation notes and support videos will be provided, but we will be going through a lot of information in 8 hours.

Participants who reserve a working spot will be sent a questionnaire approximately two weeks before the seminar starts – please fill out the questionnaire in as detailed a manner as possible.





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Working Spot, Auditing Spot


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