Motivation, Relationship, and Body Language in Herding



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All dogs welcome – not just for herding dogs.

Basic foundations in communication and language as it will pertain to any sort of performance work with dogs. This course is designed to heighten your awareness for how to build a stronger relationship with your dog and to develop a clear method of communication using play, shaping, pressure and release, body language, and verbal correction. Games and exercises, with practical application for herding will be emphasized for people wishing to practice herding without livestock. Activities will help clear up the importance of the handler’s position and body language for successful and clear communication between you and your dog. Understanding basic foundations of motivation (praise, play food access to livestock) and using clear methods of corrections (verbal, pressure, removal of access to livestock) most effective for your dog. Herding exercises will include teaching the dog to move away from pressure happily, get out (using pressure and advance to cones) Stand, Sit, Down, There, Walk up, and Steady. Each night we will discuss body language and play and motivation as it pertains to the task. We will also emphasize play and praise without food as a critical part of foundation training for all dog sports.

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Thursday, January 12th, 8:00


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