Performance Foundations I

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Prerequisite: All dogs over 6 months are welcome to participate. Please note: dogs will be working off leash during this class. Your dog must be able to consistently work well off leash and have a reliable recall.

Course Cost: $119
Star Trainers: $109

Performance Foundations is a fast-paced, action-packed class which is designed to engage the dogs and motivate students. Performance Foundations turns traditional classes upside down by focusing on relationship, communication, creating drive, and developing a good work ethic. We use the “flipped classroom” concept in this class, which combines videos (to be watched ahead of the class) and in-class learning.

This six week class moves significantly faster than the Pet Classes. Students are responsible for their own learning and their own homework. This is the equivalent of an “Advanced Placement” class – it involves more commitment, more homework, and more thought than the other classes, but the payoff is also far greater.

Skills you will learn in Level I include settling the dogs, interactive play, shadow handling, targeting, creating and building drive, fostering self-control, rear-end awareness skills, an introduction to jumping, and a variety of confidence and relationship building exercises.

Clickers are included in the class price.


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Thursday, April 13th, 7:00


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