Performance Foundations III

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Prerequisite: Performance Foundations II. Please note: dogs will be working off leash during this class. Your dog must be able to consistently work well off leash and have a reliable recall.


Performance Foundations III focuses on extending and proofing all of the behaviours learned in Performance Foundations I and II.

In Performance Foundations III, you will start to challenge your dog by adding distractions, cementing their understanding of cues  and working from a greater distance. The focus in PFIII is on position work, distance, heelwork skills, and agility handling.  Our goal is to use the already established base of relationship and drive to create a solid work ethic.

Because of the fast pace and targeted skill level, the ratio of students to instructors is a maximum of 5:1.  Students will be able to access the scheduled open mat time if they wish.

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Thursday, March 2nd, 7:00


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