The Biggest Loser

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Mandatory Equipment: Harness and Kennel. For safety reasons, all dogs participating MUST have a harness which can be easily grasped from above by the handler (ie. Ruffwear Webmaster – available at Chaltrek Outdoors). Dogs will require rest breaks, and at times the handlers will need to approach the demo dog for clarification on a concept, so we also ask that you bring a portable kennel. We do have two mid-size kennels on site as well.  This is a very specialized class – if you have any questions, please email

The Biggest Loser (All Star K9 Edition) is a six week canine conditioning class designed to guide you through the skills and knowledge you need to help your dog safely and effectively lose weight while increasing strength, balance, and body awareness. The class is taught at All Star K9 Academy by a Certified Professional Canine Fitness Trainer (CPCFT). It is suitable for healthy, sound dogs of all ages and breeds, and will use a variety of canine-specific conditioning equipment. To get the maximum benefit from this class you will want to work at home with your dog an average of 20 – 30 minutes/day.

The Biggest Loser(s) (by body weight percentage, or by meeting specific goals) will be entered into a draw for a free conditioning class.


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Monday, January 9th, 6:00


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