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What is a CPCFT?

CPCFT stands for Certified Professional Canine Fitness Trainer. Individuals with this designation have completed an eight month program of education, focused on canine anatomy, physiology, safety, exercise prescription, strengthening, endurance, and functional exercises.  After completing the program, in order to earn certification participants had to complete 4 case studies (a six week process) and sit for a six hour comprehensive exam.

As a passionate advocate of ongoing professional education, in addition to completing the CPCFT certification process, Tara has completed the following courses and seminars:

Jumping Power (Winter 2016)
Cavalettis (Spring 2016)
Injury Prevention for Psoas and Shoulder Muscle Groups (Fall 2016)
CPCFT Hands On Workshop (Fall 2016)
Shoulder and Elbow Rehab (Fall 2016)
Preventing and Addressing the Iliopsoas (Winter 2016)
FMT Canine Kinesiology Taping Certification (Winter 2016)